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Fun with Software A discussion with Annet Dekker and Olga Goriunova

Olga Goriunova is curator and Annet Dekker is co-producer (as part of of the multi-venue exhibition ‘Fun With Software’ (in Bristol) and ‘Funware’ (in Eindhoven and Dortmund). The exhibition has many aspects to it, being in some ways a retrospective of certain strands in software art, a set of propositions about the nature of [...]

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The Cat Seemed to Think There was Enough of it Now in Sight

The Cat Seemed to Think There was Enough of it Now in Sight The interplay of disappearance and the coming into sight of the occluded or unknown against the regime of the all too visible provides one of the hidden patternings of history. This motif, of finding moments, apertures, screens by which things resolve into [...]

Art Methodologies in Media Ecology

Art is no longer only art. Its methods are recapitulated, ooze out and become feral in combination with other forms of life. Art methodologies convey art’s capacities to enact a live process in the world, launching sensorial particles and other conjunctions in ways and combinations that renew their powers of disturbance and vision. Art methodologies [...]

An Invention, Not a Container

An art system is a means by which art becomes manifest. It can be as simple as an idea or a photograph or as massive a set of things as a museum, an art ‘scene’, or a biennale and all the tens of thousands of instruments, roles and ephemera around it. An art system is [...]

Webtracer interview

MF: What are the questions you are asking about the structure of the web, and about the software that is being developed to use it that suggest the approaches to it deployed in WebTracer? NP: Well aware of the legacy of webmapping as a supposed demystifying device and fetishised formalistic perversion of form I do [...]

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An interview with 0100101110101101.ORG about life_sharing Matthew Fuller Q.: In your text describing the project, you mention that ‘A computer, with the passing of time, ends up looking like its owner’s brain’. Do you mean this in the way that any collection of objects of a certain type (ie books; bathroom cupboards full of half-used [...]

Like to Draw?

No matter how hot to trot a government gets for privatisation there’s one aspect of the state that they always balk at parcelling up and flogging off – war. Now, a challenge to this professed monopoly on mass violence and its attendant technologies is coming from an unexpected quarter – artists. In Europe and in [...]