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P2P Paradise

A FreeMind mindmap of P2P culture made by Olga Goriunova and Matthew Fuller. Made to accompany a talk by Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation at the Arnolfini, Bristol, March, 2009.

An Invention, Not a Container

An art system is a means by which art becomes manifest. It can be as simple as an idea or a photograph or as massive a set of things as a museum, an art ‘scene’, or a biennale and all the tens of thousands of instruments, roles and ephemera around it. An art system is [...]

500 Slogans

There is a murmuring in the wind, all the voices that are hidden underground. Muttering in the slots of the cash machines. Last night’s vomit shifts on the pavement. Servo-motors are groaning, chewing on mist. In the city of trees there are pockets of space that are immune to light. In the city of trees [...]

MEEF Vocabulary Specification 0.1

MEEF Vocabulary Specification 0.1 Namespace Document 21 June 2007 Abstract MEEF, My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend uses the World Wide Web Consortium’s Resource Description Framework (RDF) to allow for automatic generation of ontology for networks based upon shared antipathies Status of this Document. This is the first draft proposal specification for MEEF. It provides [...]

The Human Cellular Automata

The human cellular automaton is like a Mexican Wave in two-dimensions. In nineteen sixty-eight the mathematician John Conway invented a particular version of cellular automata called ‘Life’. In Steven Levy’s book “Artificial Life, the quest for a new creation” his original script is given as follows. “Life occurs on a virtual checkerboard. The squares are [...]