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Questions to Ask a City

From, Cybermoholla Ensemble & Nicholas Hirsch / Michael Müller, eds, ‘Cybermoholla Hub’, Sternberg Press, NYC, 2012 10 How do things enter and leave, how are they built and how do they decay? What is modifiable? How can things be attached on to one another? Where does idea become infrastructure? What arranges speeds? How does the [...]

Help and Advice

The King of Decisions gathers heads of sections from other wings of the department for a get-together, no compulsory results, just an exchange of ideas. Junior Deciders are brought in to fatten the ranks, practice deference and to populate the air with ideas which are then cut to size by the old hands who snip [...]

500 Slogans

There is a murmuring in the wind, all the voices that are hidden underground. Muttering in the slots of the cash machines. Last night’s vomit shifts on the pavement. Servo-motors are groaning, chewing on mist. In the city of trees there are pockets of space that are immune to light. In the city of trees [...]

Interview with a Photocopier

A: So why this interview? It’s supposed to be a mistake to view technologies as having human qualities. Anthropomorphism is a conceptual sin remember…

Images work

The scene: an office complex designed to look like a squatted warehouse. A table surrounded by figures. It could be any time of the day or night. It could be a party. It could be work.