Archive: 2011

In The Paradise of Too Many Books

Sean Dockray is an artist and a member of the organising group for the LA branch of The Public School, a geographically distributed and online platform for the self-organisation of learning. Since its initiation by Telic Arts, an organisation which Sean directs, The Public School has also been taken up as a model in a [...]

Personal Web Searching in the age of smantic capitalism: diagnosing the mechanisms of personalisation

Martin Feuz, Matthew Fuller & Felix Stalder First published at First Monday: Abstract Web search engines have become indispensable tools for finding information online effectively. As the range of information, context and users of Internet searches has grown, the relationship between the search query, search interest and user has become more tenuous. Not all [...]

Foreword (to Wendy Hui Kyong Chun, Programmed Visions)

Foreword to Wendy Chun’s excellent, Programmed Visions, Software studies aims to find ways of expanding and intensifying reflection on software and computational culture in general. The problems it works on are rather unavoidable since software and the underlying ideas and techniques that it embodies is a crucial, if underacknowledged, element of everyday life. Few [...]

Office Work

(from Elephant & Castle) Published in Datacide 11, I’m doing form correlation, looking at shifting grids of dots on screen that resolve as alphanumerics, assessing the facts about the in-filler with those in other memory sources. Much of the data fits, but as if filtered through a third party recall, too much that fits [...]

Networking Overload, with Potplants

For Thresholds 38 Edited by Orkan Telhan MIT School of Architecture & Planning “Natural fuse” is a micro scale carbon dioxide overload protection framework that works locally & globally, harnessing the carbon-sinking capabilities of plants. Generating electricity to power the electronic products that populate our lives has consequences on the amount of carbon dioxide [...]