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Thinking in the Middle of Things

0 In her many-sided theorization of the history of programmability, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun proposes a way of working and reflecting on technology that she calls working in media res – in the middle of things.1 Software cultures, according to Chun are best known through involvement, indeed nowadays, they can hardly be known from the [...]

Fun with Software A discussion with Annet Dekker and Olga Goriunova

Olga Goriunova is curator and Annet Dekker is co-producer (as part of of the multi-venue exhibition ‘Fun With Software’ (in Bristol) and ‘Funware’ (in Eindhoven and Dortmund). The exhibition has many aspects to it, being in some ways a retrospective of certain strands in software art, a set of propositions about the nature of [...]

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On the Usefulness of Anxiety, two Evil Media Stratagems

Matthew Fuller and Andrew Goffey Written for the “Sarai Reader: Fear”, The following sections of text are stratagems selected from an ongoing work-in-progress that aims to capture the changing nature of power in contemporary media, especially in its increasingly technosocial aspects and to distill them into a series of useful ploys or tactics. Drawing [...]


Pits to Bits, Interview with Graham Harwood

This interview follows on from a project called “Coal Fired Computers (300,000,000 Computers – 318,000 Black Lungs)” carried out in Newcastle in spring 2010 for the AV Festival. The project, by Graham Harwood, Matsuko Yokokoji with Jean Denmars involved a means of producing a physical diagram between components in production as they undergo transformations across [...]

Help and Advice

The King of Decisions gathers heads of sections from other wings of the department for a get-together, no compulsory results, just an exchange of ideas. Junior Deciders are brought in to fatten the ranks, practice deference and to populate the air with ideas which are then cut to size by the old hands who snip [...]

The Cat Seemed to Think There was Enough of it Now in Sight

The Cat Seemed to Think There was Enough of it Now in Sight The interplay of disappearance and the coming into sight of the occluded or unknown against the regime of the all too visible provides one of the hidden patternings of history. This motif, of finding moments, apertures, screens by which things resolve into [...]

Beat Blasted Planet

Steve Goodman is author of “Sonic Warfare, sound, affect and the ecology of fear”, a book just published by MIT Press. Tracing the politics of sound in ways that develop some of the arguments made in certain branches of Industrial Music and in the darker waves of Techno and Jungle, Sonic Warfare proposes a vivid [...]

Questioning Capitalist Realism An interview with Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is the author of ‘Capitalist Realism, is there no alternative’ out recently from Zer0 Books As a blogger he writes K-Punk Capitalist Realism is one of the most acute diagnoses of contemporary politics as it is played out in one small island off the coast of Europe. After skewering the marketisation [...]