Archive: 2009

The Telephone and its Keys

Matthew Fuller The Social Telephony Files presents insights into a range of projects generated over a series of years by numerous people, using various software, and in many different kinds of contexts. The work presented here provides an overview of these projects and the way that, even in the face of rapid innovation by different [...]

Think Twice

“Thinking is like breathing you do it unreflexively or not at all. And if you happen to want to do it reflexively, or with full awareness, it becomes a full project of its own.” Rosi Braidotti Taking breathing seriously can be as simple as Marcel Duchamp’s fine sentiment that “I like breathing – better than [...]

P2P Paradise

A FreeMind mindmap of P2P culture made by Olga Goriunova and Matthew Fuller. Made to accompany a talk by Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation at the Arnolfini, Bristol, March, 2009.

Active Data and its Afterlives

Catalogue text for Take Away Media Festival 2009