Archive: 2008

Art Methodologies in Media Ecology

Art is no longer only art. Its methods are recapitulated, ooze out and become feral in combination with other forms of life. Art methodologies convey art’s capacities to enact a live process in the world, launching sensorial particles and other conjunctions in ways and combinations that renew their powers of disturbance and vision. Art methodologies [...]

An Invention, Not a Container

An art system is a means by which art becomes manifest. It can be as simple as an idea or a photograph or as massive a set of things as a museum, an art ‘scene’, or a biennale and all the tens of thousands of instruments, roles and ephemera around it. An art system is [...]

Open Source Publishing – interview with Femke Snelting

Open Source Publishing is a recently founded graphic design agency that uses only Free Software tools. Closely affiliated with the Brussels based digital culture foundation Constant, OSP aims to test the possibilities and realities of doing graphic design using an expanding range of Free Software tools. On the way, they produce some great designs, test [...]

Acts of Letting and of Creation

In the years 1649 and 1650, a number of land occupations were made in England. Groups of political dissenters popularly called “Diggers” organised together to farm underused land. This period, after the decapitation of King Charles and before the Commonwealth collapsed into dictatorship, witnessed a great flowering of enthusiasm and experimentation. The Diggers saw three [...]

Urban Versioning System v1.0

Written with Usman Haque ( Commissioned for the Architectural League of New York Situated Technologies Pamphlet Series ( Published 2008 Also available as a pdf with illustrations by David Cuesta, Table of Contents Preamble Seven Constraints Discussion of the Seven Constraints 1. Build rather than design 2. Materials must come pre-broken 3. Make joints 4. [...]

Crime and the Culture Industry

One of the favourite subjects of the film industry is itself, but its even more favoured subject is crime. Crime is the hero and the villain of thousands of films: its dramatic plot, its tragic end and thrilling faultline. Breaking social, moral and economic taboos keeps filmgoers on the edges of their seats and makes [...]


500 Slogans

There is a murmuring in the wind, all the voices that are hidden underground. Muttering in the slots of the cash machines. Last night’s vomit shifts on the pavement. Servo-motors are groaning, chewing on mist. In the city of trees there are pockets of space that are immune to light. In the city of trees [...]