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Jussi Parikka interview, on ‘Digital Contagions’

MF: How do you figure ‘the body’ or the biopolitical in your discussion of viruses? Clearly it would be possible to simply fall into the trap of equating computer viruses with biological ones, to mistake the metaphor for the thing named. On the other hand it is possible to trace the ways in which the [...]

Softness: interrogability; general intellect; art methodologies in software

This text was originally given as a talk at the ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) in Helsinki in 2004. A version was published by the Digital Research Unit at Huddersfield University in 2006. Here is a pdf version of this text. (With thanks to Søren Pold)

MEEF Vocabulary Specification 0.1

MEEF Vocabulary Specification 0.1 Namespace Document 21 June 2007 Abstract MEEF, My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend uses the World Wide Web Consortium’s Resource Description Framework (RDF) to allow for automatic generation of ontology for networks based upon shared antipathies Status of this Document. This is the first draft proposal specification for MEEF. It provides [...]

Art for Animals

Second expanded version “If art is genuine it is creative revolution regardless of who looks at it”1

Towards an Evil Media Studies

(for The Spam Book, Jussi Parikka and Tony Sampson eds., forthcoming, Hampton Press, New Jersey) Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey Evil media studies is not a discipline, nor is it the description of a category of particularly unpleasant media objects. It is a manner of working with a set of informal practices and bodies of knowledge, [...]