Archive: 2004

Luciana Parisi Interview

“Jungle laws, animals laws, seabed laws: what are you defending mate?” Lee Scratch Perry Matthew Fuller: Your use of the term ‘sex’ is used, in Lynn Margulis’ words, in the following way: ‘Sex in the biological sense has nothing to do with copulation; neither is it intrinsically related to reproduction or gender. Sex is a [...]

Interview with a Photocopier

A: So why this interview? It’s supposed to be a mistake to view technologies as having human qualities. Anthropomorphism is a conceptual sin remember…


1. To call this panel conceptualism is to makes quite a strong claim about the nature of the work. It situates it in relation to a legitimate, recognisable and interesting kind of art practice, one that is certainly also profoundly historified enough to be undergoing a process of revisionism. But it also locates the work [...]

Freaks of number

There is very intriguing book from 1893, with a second edition in 1905. Maurice d’Ocagne, a Professor at the l’Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées’s ‘Le Calcul Simplifié par les Procédés Mecaniques et graphiques’’1 subtitled ‘a history and description of instruments and machines of calculation, tables, abacuses and nomograms.’ Much of the book is exactly that: [...]