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Commonality, pixel property, seduction: As If…

Is talent important in net art? This group of works gives us the answer. Let us remember that the name Talent was that of an ancient coin. What is a coin but a condensed power to take something out. The possibility to move a thing, an action, a power, from one state into another, to [...]

Tigertxt – interview with Rachel Baker

MF: you recently completed ‘Tigertxt’ a project working with Amber Nectar, the football fanzine of Hull City to produce a temporary SMS network for the zine and for the fans of the club. What kind of situation was Hull City in when the project started, how did the connection with Amber Nectar come about? RB: [...]


‘Factory of Unhappiness’, interview with Bifo

MF: In your new book, ‘The Factory of Unhappiness’ you describe a class formation, the ‘cognitariat’ – a conflation of cognitive worker and proletarian, working in ‘so-called jobs’. You’ve also previously used the idea of the ‘Virtual Class’. What are the qualities of the conitariat and how might they be distinguished from this slightly higher [...]

Webtracer interview

MF: What are the questions you are asking about the structure of the web, and about the software that is being developed to use it that suggest the approaches to it deployed in WebTracer? NP: Well aware of the legacy of webmapping as a supposed demystifying device and fetishised formalistic perversion of form I do [...]

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I Am The Mayor Of London

I spread plans out on the giant glass table. Turn Brixton into Brighton – dig out a channel through Kent, Sussex and let the sea roll in up to Streatham Hill. More geostrategic entertainment zones. 10 000 hole crazy golf course as workfare replaces Dagenham. 200 yards away from the Tower of London which is [...]

Images work

The scene: an office complex designed to look like a squatted warehouse. A table surrounded by figures. It could be any time of the day or night. It could be a party. It could be work.